Can you see it?

You are standing in your driveway firing a puck into the net, dreaming of scoring the game-winning goal.

 After every shot you imagine the puck flying past the goalie at blistering speed and celebrating the fact that no one could even see the puck.

 Developing a strong and accurate shot takes the right combination of strength training and explosive training will take your shot to the next level.

 Before continuing you need to take the time to learn proper technique. The tips and exercises provided in this article will not help if your technique is poor!

Here is what to avoid when trying to build a strong shot:

  1. Trying to recreate your shot under load.

Adding resistance to your stick or performing a specific shooting movement with external load can negatively impact your shot.

The external load changes the force production of your shot and it can create poor movement mechanics. Without thinking you will make small changes in your set up and execution, this will lead to overcompensation and decrease your shot performance.

  1. Doing countless wrist exercises

All of the wrist rolls and wrist curls will do nothing to improve your shot performance. There is a time and place for these movements in training and they should only take up a small percentage of it.

The main movers in your shot are your legs, core, and posterior chain muscles. The wrists cannot simply provide enough explosive power to be a game changer. Training them directly can help you stay on the puck longer and increase your overall strength levels.

On a side note, your wrists are being trained in almost every movement you do in the gym. Deadlifts, pull-ups, loaded carries, and others all involve some form of grip training. Be careful not to overdo it!

It is time to dig into what is going to take your shot to the next level!

Your shot power is determined by your ability to generate rotational power and your relative strength.

Meaning you need to be able to rotate fast and powerfully and have a high level of full body strength.

Here is how you develop a powerful shot!

Get Strong

Focus on getting stronger. The stronger you are the more force you can produce. Train big movements and focus on getting as strong as you can.

This does not mean you need to train like a powerlifter. You should focus on developing strength that can be transferred over to your sport.

You should include:

Traditional Exercises


Front Squats

Back Squats

Pull Ups

Push Ups

Bench Press


Single Leg Squats

TRX Rows

Single Arm and Two Arm Rows

Face Pulls

Rope Climbs

Strongman Exercises

Farmer Carries

Suitcase Carries

SandBag Carries

Waiter Carries

Sled Pushes/Drags/Pulls


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Train Explosively

The power in your shot will be dictated by your overall strength and your ability to translate that strength into power. To do this you need to spend time building rotational power.

You should include:

Medicine Ball Scoop Toss

Reverse Medicine Ball Scoop Toss

Rotational Medicine Ball Toss

Explosive Landmine Twists

Side Note: Before launching head first into building rotational power, you must develop a strong and stable core. Having a weak core can create imbalances and lead to energy leaks in the whole system.

Include the following exercises to help build a base:

Pallof Press (all variations)

RKC Plank

Ab Wheel Roll Outs

Side Planks

Sample Shot Power Program

*the following should be performed after a full dynamic and movement specific warm up

A1) Medicine Ball Scoop Toss: 6x3 each side, Rest 30s

A2) Single Leg Lateral Jumps to Low Box: 6x3 each side, Rest 60-120s

B1) Trap Bar Deadlift: 5x3 @80% of (1RM) Rest 120s

C1) Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat: 4x5, Rest 30s

C2) Pull-Ups: 4x3 Add Weight as necessary, Rest 120s

D1) Farmers Carry: 3x50yds

D2) Resistance Band Pallof Press: 3x12 with a 3-second hold on each side, No Rest

By combing explosive work, strength training, and core stability training you will be able to develop a strong and powerful shot that will leave goalies awestruck!

Use the above exercises and tips to build out your own shot power program.