Looking to improve your skating performance on the ice this year?

Have you been only training in a straight line and ignoring side to side movement?

In order to become a better hockey player, you must incorporate lateral speed and power movements into your off-ice training. Fortunately, the majority of these movements can be trained right in your backyard!

Here are 3 ways you can begin to train lateral movement at home!

1 Leg Medial and Lateral Box Jumps

These exercises are used to help teach proper jumping and landing mechanics early in the training program. Using a 6-12 inch step or box you will be able to begin working jumping and landing in control while moving side to side.

The goal here to jump as high possible and land as quietly as you can!

*always step off the box for safety!

Ring Series

You will need 4 agility rings or 4 cones (see the video below for progressions and set up). This is another early training program exercise used to teach landing mechanics and control.

As the training plan progresses you will start to do more advanced versions, to help build speed and power.


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Lateral Bounds

Often called skater jumps lateral bounds are another way to train lateral power in the lower body. Just like the exercises showed above you will begin with controlled landings and progress to more reactive drills as the training cycle progresses.

6 Week Sample Progression:

Weeks 1-3

1L Medial and Lateral Box Jumps to a 10 inch box

Ring series with a 3s pause

Lateral Bounds with a pause

Weeks 4-6

1L Medial and Lateral Box Jumps to a 10 box (move the box so it a 12-20 inches away from you)

Ring Series with no pause

Lateral Bounds with no pause


Give these exercises a try at home and start working towards becoming a more dominant hockey player.