Do you play hockey?

Have you started strength training?

Hockey players need to strength train!

Strength is the foundation for future hockey success and all other athletic qualities (speed, power, and agility) can all be improved through proper strength training.

Does this mean you need to train to be strong like a powerlifter or the worlds strongest man?


Take Your Game To The Next Level Become a Better Hockey Player Today!

You have to train properly for your sport. Hockey is a game of speed, power, and strength. You must train accordingly in order to succeed.

A great hockey training program will incorporate speed and agility drills, plyometric training, bodyweight training, mobility, and traditional strength training exercises.

Below you will find a sample training day template you can use to improve your game.


  1. Mobility: Foam Roll – Legs and Upper Body
  2. Activation: Hip Abductors, Glutes, Upper Back
  3. Speed and Agility:
    1. Medicine Ball Toss Variation
    2. Linear or Lateral Jumping Drill
    3. Linear or Lateral Footwork Drill
  4. Strength Work
    1. Main Exercise of the Day
    2. Accessory Work: 3 Exercises
  5. Conditioning

Here is an example of a lower body emphasis day:

  1. Glute and Hip Foam Roll
  2. Hip Circle Lateral and Forward Walks: 3×10 each
  3. Speed and Agility
    1. Medicine Ball Rotational Scoop Toss: 4×3 90s rest between sets
    2. Max Height Vertical Jump: 6×1 with 60s Rest
    3. Fall Over Sprints: x5 with 30-60s rest
  4. Strength Work
    1. Double Kettlebell Front Squat: 5×5
    2. Accessory Work
      1. Split Squat: 3×10 each leg
      2. TRX Hamstring Curl: 3×10 each leg
      3. Dumbbell Farmers Walk: 3x50yds
  5. Conditioning
    1. Bike Sprints: 30s on 30s off x10

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