What can you learn from the elite?

The CrossFit Games just happened and if you had a chance to watch there were some significant changes to the games.

This was the first year in which almost every country had a representative at the games. 

If you watched the first event we got to see a different side of the CrossFit Games. We saw athletes failing on the rope climbs and struggling to move some weight. 

This is unique because too many of us the games athletes are these mythical creatures who are in amazing shape and can do things we never thought possible. 

However, this year showed us the side of CrossFit we all know well. We have all failed on rope climbs and we have all struggled to move weight when tired. 

For the first time, the average CrossFitter was able to connect to those athletes at the games.

So what can you learn from the games this year?

We all struggle. We are great at some movements and terrible at others. What matters is that we keep trying to improve.

Nothing beats community. 

The most unique aspect of CrossFit is the community. No matter what gym you train at if you CrossFit you are instantly connected to over a hundred thousand athletes just like you! Athletes who are trying to get fit, gain confidence, and feel amazing!

While the SPORT of CrossFit is changing, the majority of CrossFit is not! It will always be about trying to help people live a  happier, healthier, and fuller life through effective fitness and nutrition coaching!