You decide you want to start working out.

Naturally, you tell those closest to you.

When you do, you get a bunch of different responses and a few questions.

“What kind of working out are you going to do?”

“Where are you going to work out?”

“How are you going to have the time?”

Besides the questions you also get some advice;

“You should try orange theory my girlfriend loves it!”

“My best friend’s friend does CrossFit and she is in amazing shape”

“You just need to run”

“Do not lift weights you will get too muscular”

“Do Zumba with me!”

All of this well-intentioned advice can cause paralysis and make the decision to start and how even harder.

So, Where do you start?

Start with what is important to you! 

Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What are my goals?
  2. Do I want to work out by myself or in a group?
  3. What type of gym environment will keep me happy and motivated long term?

Once you can answer these three questions explore your options. Find a gym that cares about you and your success. The best gyms in the world truly care about your results and they help you achieve them. 

Starting a lifestyle change is not easy and it is going to take time! Find a gym and workout routine you love and stick with it for 6 Weeks. Give it time to work!

Are you ready to begin? Then grab a piece of paper and answer these questions. Be honest and real. 

Now go out and find an environment that best suits you and GET STARTED!