Am I too old to start a fitness program and see results?


Many clients walk through our doors thinking that because of their age they will not be able to get the body of their dreams. This could not be further from the truth. 

Yes, it is much easier to lose weight and gain muscle mass in your teens and twenties. For all of you thirty and above it just going to take some dedicated work.

First, you need to get started. Sign up for a gym, hire a professional fitness coach, or find a program that will work for you. Commit to going to the gym or working with your coach three times a week for 3 months. 

We recommend three months because 12 weeks will give the most results. This will help you set up a long term habit and 12 weeks is a great timeframe to see real results happening!

Second, change up eating habits. You can no longer eat whatever you want whenever you want and still look good at the pool. Start by removing processed foods from your diet and consuming more real whole foods. 

Each meal should consist of two generous handfuls of vegetables, one to two palms of protein, a fistful of starchy vegetables (potatoes, rice, squashes), and one thumb of fat.

Third, be patient! Once you have established a good fitness and nutrition routine it is going to take time for everything to work! Stick with it for three months. If your nutrition and workouts are dialed in you will see amazing results. 

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can still see amazing results after your twenties and beyond. It is just going to take a little more time. After all, you did not gain weight or lose muscle overnight. It happened gradually over the years. Your journey to get shredded will also take some time!

 Dig in, hit the gym, and fuel your body with the right nutrients and you will begin to feel better and stronger than you ever have!