I am overweight, can I still do CrossFit?


Anyone and everyone can do CrossFit!

The thing that makes our gym unique is that we have the availability to cater to every level. You might be overweight and never worked out before in your life, or you may be a retired college athlete looking to get back into the swing of things. No matter where you are currently at or starting from we can help.

Here is how it works.

First, we meet you where you are currently at. We establish your current starting point in our first intro meeting. During this meeting, you will clearly establish your goals and leave with a clearly defined plan to get you started. 

Next, you begin your one on one training sessions. During your one on one training sessions, your coach will guide you through all of the basics. Your coach will help you determine your starting level using The Level Method and teach you the basics of all of the main movements.

After your one on one training sessions, you will have the option to stay training one on one or move into group classes, either way, you will be in good hands. 

All of our classes are level-based. Think of it as karate belts. We have varying degrees of difficulty in each workout (white belt up to black belt). These varying levels allow everyone in our program to perform the workout that is best suited for them and their current abilities. 

Do not worry our awesome team of coaches will be there to guide towards the appropriate workout every class!

So do you need to in shape to get started? NOPE!

We have multiple ways for you to get started no matter what your current fitness level is. So, what is stopping you from getting started?