What is the hardest part of getting fit?


Getting fit is not rocket science! We have all been taught how to get fit and stay fit since we were children. We know we should exercise, eat more veggies, and drink less soda.

The key to getting and staying fit is being consistent, this is also one of the hardest things to do!

What is consistency?

Consistency is behaving in the same way over and over. In fitness, this means eating the right foods at every meal and getting to the gym for a set number of workouts without missing. 

How do you develop consistency?

In order to develop consistency, you need to start small. Begin by making small manageable changes that you can stick with. 

For starters, plan to get to the gym every Monday and Friday without skipping. Once you become consistent in getting to the gym two times a week add a third day.

When it comes to nutrition, do not try and go cold turkey on all of your old habits. This will make it very hard to make long-lasting changes. Instead, start small and begin to make small changes to your nutritional habits. Start by adding more veggies at every meal. Then move onto removing sugary foods or drink from each meal. 

Closing Thoughts

The hardest part of getting fit is being consistent. Consistency will take time and dedicated practice. Start small and accomplish each step at your own pace. Over time you will be able to develop a consistent and healthy practice. This will help you get fit and change your life!