How do you measure your fitness?

Do you jump on the scale every morning? Do you time your weekly three-mile run? Do you perform 1 repetition maximum back squats each month?

Fitness can be measured in many ways!

It can be measured objectively. This is done through body-fat testing, strength tests, as well as conditioning tests. Testing this way can give you a good idea of where you are currently at and if you are making it closer to your goals.

What if you do not have a weight loss or performance goal in mind? What if your goal is just to feel better in your own skin or to be more confident?

Finding your max back squat does not really matter and neither does the number on the scale. 

What matters is how you feel!

Fitness can also be measured subjectively. Using this method you can check-in on yourself and determine how your routine and current fitness level is making you feel.

Do you feel more confident? YES keep going. NO, keep going and change a part of your routine!

Are you closer to wearing a bikini at the beach? YES keep going. NO, keep going and change a part of your routine!

Get the point!

No matter what exercise or nutrition program you follow it should get you results and help you feel strong and confident in your own skin! 

Do not get caught up on the numbers, they are just one part of the equation!