Fitness can be defined in a multitude of ways. Every person has to be able to define fitness for themselves.

Fitness for a professional athlete has a totally different meaning than it does for a man/woman looking to lose weight and feel more confident. 

For the professional athlete, fitness is dictated by the demands of their sport. Being in top condition is a part of their job. If they fail to be in top condition they will lose playing time, sponsorships, and not get a contract.

For the man/woman looking to lose weight, gain confidence, and feel better fitness has a totally different meaning. Fitness can mean the ability to spend more time playing with this/her kids or being able to go to the beach/pool with confidence. 

How do you define fitness?

Do you define it based on the ability to lift weights, run great distances, or look good naked?

It can be any of those things. People start on a path to becoming fitter for many reasons. Most of the time it is to help cure chronic disease brought on by poor lifestyle choices, lose weight, gain muscle, or feel better about themselves. 

So how do you define fitness?