Feeling nervous about starting a new fitness program?

You are not alone! Everyone who has ever started in our gym has expressed feeling nervous. 

Often people feel that they will not be able to keep up in class or that they will look silly. These feelings are totally normal!

To help make you feel comfortable and safe we start all new members with one on one personal training sessions. During these sessions, you will learn proper form and get an introduction to how workouts should look and feel. 

We also show how to safely scale or progress movements to fit your needs. 

After your one on one sessions, you are ready to get rolling in group classes in which you will be coached every step of the way. 

Feeling nervous before starting a new exersice program is normal. More importantly, you should feel safe and comfortable when starting at a gym.

No matter where you decide to start training be sure you are safe, comfortable, and have a staff that cares about you and your goals!