We are very lucky! We have been given the opportunity to change people’s lives forever.

We are able to deliver the gift of fitness and wellness to our family, friends, and members. Through fitness we can have a direct positive impact on the health and mental state of everyone who seeks our advice and services.

We believe in fun. We believe that exercise should be enjoyable, creative, and consistent to ensure long-term success.

We are the segue into a more healthy, active life. That responsibility means introducing clients to new activities, making them comfortable with working out in any environment, and giving them attributes they can display with pride.

We believe in the pursuit of excellence. We believe in hard work. We believe in practicing what we preach.

We believe in the long haul. Continual progress is necessary for self-actualization; if you are not moving ahead, you’re falling behind. We set milestones and celebrate when they’re reached. And then we reach further.

We believe in full body movement. We believe in training movements and not muscles.

We believe that training should have a clear and concise plan.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are comfortable with our skills, and joke about our weaknesses.

We believe in that value of education. Continuing education should be consistently and constantly pursued. We believe in science and real world experience, and that the two should be interchangeable.

Above all, we believe in our clients and ourselves!