Are You Nervous To Start a Fitness Program?

Feeling nervous about starting a new fitness program? You are not alone! Everyone who has ever started in our gym has expressed feeling nervous.  Often people feel that they will not be able to keep up in class or that they will look silly. These feelings are totally...

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How Do You Define Fitness?

Fitness can be defined in a multitude of ways. Every person has to be able to define fitness for themselves. Fitness for a professional athlete has a totally different meaning than it does for a man/woman looking to lose weight and feel more confident.  For the...

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How Do You Measure Fitness?

How do you measure your fitness? Do you jump on the scale every morning? Do you time your weekly three-mile run? Do you perform 1 repetition maximum back squats each month? Fitness can be measured in many ways! It can be measured objectively. This is done through...

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Grocery Shopping Tips

The way you grocery shop each week can help set you up for success during the week. The key to being consistent with your nutrition is to plan out your meals, shop smart, and limit impulsive buys! 3 Tips To Help You At Your Next Shopping Trip 1. Plan Out Your Menu -...

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Are you afraid to lift weights because you are scared of getting "bulky"? Coach Frank explains in the video below how you can lift weights to get strong without packing on muscle!

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Hot get started going to the gym again?

How do I get started at the gym again? Getting started again can be tough. At this point, you may have already fallen into the routine of not working out. However, you know that you need a change and that is why you are asking this question. Step 1 - Do your research...

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What is the hardest part of getting fit?

What is the hardest part of getting fit? Consistency! Getting fit is not rocket science! We have all been taught how to get fit and stay fit since we were children. We know we should exercise, eat more veggies, and drink less soda. The key to getting and staying fit...

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Will Running Get Me Abs?

You have been hitting the track/pavement in hopes of getting fitter, leaner, and more muscular. Can running actually help you get well-defined abs? Maybe! Getting abs has a lot to do with genetics, body fat levels, nutrition, and how much muscle you have. However,...

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What Workout Routine Is Best For My Core?

What exercises or programs will help me get abs? Should I train abs daily? Will 10000000000000 sit-ups a week help me build up my core? These are some of the questions we get asked regularly when it comes to core training.  Training your core muscles is not as...

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