To utilize the benefits of physical activity during the learning process to improve processing speed, working memory capacity, problem solving skills, creativity and imagination and social emotional functioning.

Ignite Manifesto:

  • We believe in constant interventions. The body is built to move not only one hour per day, or four times a week, but to remain in constant action and reaction.
  • We believe in mass practice. Success and mastery are determinable, not predetermined
  • We believe in the Growth Mindset: that there’s no limit to the learning curve.
  • We believe in character and grit are as important as intelligence
  • We believe in creating a positive environment. For many, it will be their only positive experience all day.
  • We believe in taking the benefits of sports and spreading them out over the course of a lifetime or learning
  • We believe in neuronal plasticity. Learning is a lifelong endeavor.
  • We believe in creating our own circumstances, and teaching others to create theirs.
  • We believe that skill comes form adapting to challenges, and that novelty is as important as intensity.
  • We believe in creating Bright Spots and teaching people to celebrate the small victories daily
  • We believe in the gross warm up, the skill specific warm up, and the ramp up as preparation for learning. As in sport, so in the classroom
  • We believe in the scientific method and that failure is necessary in achieving success.
  • We believe that repeated actions create habits which form our character and ultimately determine our density but actions and actions and habits are trainable
  • We believe wisdom is earned and is not an entitlement with age

Who Is The Ignite Program For?

The Ignite Program is for Youth and Teens diagnosed with:



Mental Health Issues

Brain Injury


and Others…

This is an all inclusive program for all abilities and levels. IgniteGym classes run separately of all other programs creating a safe and controlled setting geared towards play and learning!