Our three times a week training program is designed to make you stronger, more explosive, and improve your overall athleticism.

Each session includes: 
Mobility Training to ensure your child’s body is able to move properly and efficiently for their sport.
Speed and Agility Training. Training specifically designed to make your child accelerate faster, and change direction quicker than their competition
Power Training so your child can jump higher, throw further, hit harder, and swing/shoot faster
Strength Training. As your child becomes stronger they have the ability to produce more speed and power.
What is Included In The Program?
Full Athlete Assessment: InBody Scan, Strength Testing, Speed and Power Testing
Customized Training Plan: Aimed to make your child a stronger and more explosive athlete
 Nutrition Template: Proper nutrition is the key to quick results and long-term success
Recovery Tools: We will give your child the skills they need to recover quickly in between training sessions, so they can perform at the highest level
Each session is coached by our team of passionate and qualified coaches whose mission is to help your child succeed.


Up to 3x a Week


per month



per month