You are a Superhero!

What you have done is amazing! The changes you endured and the struggles of being pregnant and going through labor and delivery was nothing short of superhuman!

Now it is time to take care of you. It is time to regain your strength, take your fitness back, and feel good in your own skin.

Every pregnancy and every labor and delivery is different. What remains the same is every mom’s ability to put their needs aside for their child’s.

This last year our Head Coach became a dad to an amazing little boy and witnessed first hand the struggles, pain, and joy of childbirth. This is why this program was created to help new and veteran moms regain control of their fitness and be an example for their children and loved ones.

This program is a holistic approach to regaining your strength and fitness. You will train 3x a week for six weeks, be given a six week customized meal plan, and an at home workouts focused on helping you gain strength and stability in your body.

Most importantly this program is about you! It is about regaining control of your fitness and feeling like the superhero you already are!

Classes Start in January!

-Space is Limited-
Act Now!

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